Research for the Law School History progresses

Revealing material and interesting argument

Staff-student event early 1950s

Work is now well under way in relation to the history of the Aberystwyth Law School (Christopher Harding, Richard Ireland and John Williams) and a contract has been signed with University of Wales Press for a book publication, hopefully in 2021, the 120th anniversary of the Law School's foundation. Some revealing and thought-provoking material has been found in the archives and elsewhere, which should provide instructive argument regarding both continuity and change. In tandem, an exhibition is now planned of 'One hundred Years and More of Legal Scholarship in Aberystwyth', to be located in the Old College building in October 2019, in collaboration with Bill Hines, former Law Librarian. In the meantime if any readers of this site who have any kind of former involvement with the Law School have material or recollections that they think may be of interest, please contact the researchers at either or See the page on this site, 'Aberystwyth Law School History'.