Meetings in Warsaw

Seminar at Warsaw University and other conversations

In Warsaw in 2013

The seminar at the Faculty of Law at Warsaw University, 'Changing Cultures in Criminal Law and Penal Policy in Europe', took place on 21 May, and carried out its stock-taking. I spoke about the messy convergence of penal policy and regulatory practice (too much deterrence rhetoric) and Wojciech Zalewski from the University of Gdansk reported on a depressing 'penal populism'. All rather wry, in the end. But it was also a good opportunity to catch up with a number of research associates - co-author Joanna Banach-Gutierrez, Raimo Lahti from Helsinki, and Anna Blachnio-Parzych from Warsaw, all of which proved stimulating. Anna was able to take Raimo and myself to the Supreme Court, where we took in the ambience (very calm) and had some lunch.