Lost in Ardkinglas

(A ballad - to be recited or sung)

Possible music

I was born and bred a troubled soul,

My Daddy was a rebel, exiled to this land.

I met you as my saviour,

Reached out and took your hand.

But your own determination

Turned my ground to sand.

So I sing:


No, no-no, no,

No, no, no, no,

No, no-no, no.


I yearned for the one and only end,

All embracing and oh so fine,

You would cast the perfect light,

For a final joy all mine,

But your gaze was apt to wander,

From the course of our true line.

So I sing:


Go, go-go, go,

Go, go, go, go,

Go, go-go, go.


You walked me round Ardkinglas,

I was secure on your arm and shoulder,

The sun glinting on the water,

Sparkling through arbour and boulder,

But you left to cross the border,

Said 'Queen of Hearts, let's meet when older'.

So I sing:

No  ...........


You took me to the island,

You said, to seal our love and grace.

We walked along the jetty,

You cradled my hip in soft embrace,

Yet your eyes sought the moon and clouds,

Not the tears on my face.

So I sing:

Go .........


We were seated on the mainland ferry,

The hill came near in autumnal dusk.

I trusted to my playing cards,

'Queen of Hearts ?' you blithely ask.

You had hinted at our limits,

I cannot face that task.

So I sing:


Go, go-go, go,

No, no, no, no,

Go, go-go, go.