Legal Story-Telling in Boulder

Seventh Applied Legal Storytelling Conference, Boulder Colorado, 9-11 July

The old American frontier

I headed for the edge of the Rocky Mountains to take samples of the Harding-Tudberry legal stories for the younger age group to the Applied Legal Story-Telling Conference at Boulder. Boulder was hot and high up, but all was comfortable at the Wolf Law Building (an impressive sandstone structure at the University of Colorado) and the 100 or so participants at the conference (almost entirely American) were sociable and receptive. It was all very interesting, from stories through maps to stories in the courtroom process, and I benefited from an especially interactive session in my case. Lively and useful discussion, and good ideas regarding our development of the stories. Probably the funniest remark addressed to myself was the comment by Todd Stafford of the University of Colorado: 'You would do for English Bob in the Clint Eastwood film Unforgiven'. Well, yes - so long as I don't suffer the same fate.