Narcissus Retractus

Death of a Joker

Floor mosaic, Limassol

I was longing to leap on the stage,
I was longing to practise those clever words,
I was longing to mix my honeyed tones
With sly profanity and glib chatter.
I was longing to declaim those words you had written for me.
And now I have to retreat to the pool,
Console myself with my reflection so fine,
Oh Joker, that sad face in the mirror of water
Could tell a tale of beauty, wit and charm,
So much to give and to please.
After all, I am the psychologists’ pet,
Pampering myself to reveal the soul within.
But, to speak true, you cast my doom,
Your words foretold my end and sweet demise.
But please allow my seduction to have its day in court.
I am too beautiful, too clever, too sweet, too sly,
Too honey-smooth to die.
Your words stole my soul,
But no words at all,
A nothingness that devastates,
Is unbearable to contemplate.
Oh Joker, your image is lost.